Garcinia Cambogia Extract

    The  formula s dictated by Dr. Oz  is 60% HCA
    extract:  800 mg (2 tablets) = 1600 mg daily

  • Veggie capsule

  • Calcium and Potassium for support

  • No fillers

    Garcinia Cambogia is found in Southeast Asia,
    and through clinical studies has been
    proven to be effective for weight loss,
    specifically burning fat in the belly area.  It
    allows for weight loss if the correct formula, as
    explained by Dr. Oz, is followed.

    Unfortunately, due to its popularity, GCE is
    offered by many companies seeking to cash in
    on the popularity with little concern about the
    dietary formula that was recommended.  It
    appears that some companies even come on
    with huge supplies make sales and leave
    without any concern for the effectiveness for
    the clients.

    Weight loss is a sensitive ongoing issue for
    many.  With so many issues in life, few are able
    to discipline themselves enough to carve out
    time for diet/learning/exercise, etc.  Garcinia
    Cambogia offers so many opportunities to
    potentially lose weight by just taking one
    capsule 2-3 times per day.  Exercise speeds the
    loss process but it is not as crucial as with the
    more old-fashioned diet plans.

    Obviously it is phenomenal if you can push
    yourself to exercise somewhat – like walking or
    going to a gym a few times per week.
    Why is the weight so hard to lose?  Perhaps the
    pressures of life don’t give us the additional
    support to draw from when control is need.  It is
    emotionally easier to go into the numbness of
    eating, given the emotional tie to food.

    GCE promoted by Dr. Oz, originally from
    Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, offers the
    unique opportunity to potentially be a success
    with the weight loss program if they read the
    different labels and buy one that sticks to the
    stated program.
    We wanted to get people to be careful and buy
    the right programs like ours, but they don’t
    have  to buy ours – they just have to buy the
    correct formulas.

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  • Goldilock's Portion - Just Right!

  • Diet Supplement

  • Appetite Suppressant

  • Supports Health

  • Increased Sleep

  • Lowers Cholesterol

  • Seratonin increase

  • Dr. Oz recommended formula

  • Clinically proven formula

  • Bestseller

    If you are not successful with the correct
    plan, then perhaps you did not read the
    label and buy the correct ingredients.  If
    your life is hectic and you forget to take
    the capsules at least one half hour before
    eating breakfast and before eating dinner.
    The requirements of adding the rind
    from the quality fruit is crucial.  If the HCA
    is not 60% you probably will not have
    your appetite under control sufficiently to
    curb your eating quantity.  If you don’t
    know the Dr. Oz formula, your product
    could be missing either quality or quantity.

    If we cannot lose weight with these
    products what is the possibility of  weight
    loss in the future?